Our Next Chapter: Changing the Face of Business Ownership

The journey of a startup founder is tough. The journey of a Black founder is exhausting. Due to this nation’s history, we’re already behind when it comes to generational wealth and entrepreneurship is one of many ways for us to catch up. However, less than 1% of Black founders receive funding and Black business owners are 2x more likely to be denied for small business loans.

These key stats drove us to activate our company vision: to be the one-stop shop for Black business development. We’re closing the wealth gap plaguing our community by increasing business ownership and profitability.

To do this, we’ve spent the last few years discovering the answers to these questions:

  • Who can we provide the most value?
  • What problem are we actually solving?
  • What should we build to address this problem?
  • Who is our actual customer?

From starting with an assumption during the MINWO Beta Program, we understood the importance of actively listening to users. By adjusting to our customers’ needs, we were able to address their pain points through our digital prototype.

Becoming clear on our market, products, and messaging fit allowed us to step into a new phase of MINWO: building tech products that empower our community in entrepreneurship, personal finance, and professional development.

We’re starting with our three core products:

Rialto: leveraging the power of AI to enable Venture Capitalists, Incubators, Accelerators, and Consultants to organically find, collaborate with, or invest in Black & Brown entrepreneurs

AYAJ: virtual workshops working with White and Non-Black People of Color to release their guilt as allies so that they can begin their journey as allies to the Black community anew.

In The Black: providing Black and minority entrepreneurs an opportunity to network and learn ways to mature their businesses, receiving the keys to unlock their goals. (There’s still time to register for our Summit on October 3 here.)

As we entered into this new phase, we needed a new look to match. Engineer and designer Alexis Coates worked with our Head of Digital & Design Kimberly Gant to create a new company website that represents our brand and voice while meeting our business goals. Thank you both for your hard work in creating exactly what we need to start our next chapter as a company. #teamBGM

By taking the time to not only ask, but also understand, the right questions, MINWO Inc. was created to arrive with the right answers. We’ve had quite the journey, but we’re just getting started. Visit our website to learn how MINWO Inc. is changing the face of business ownership.

Interested in mission-driven partnerships to achieve this goal? Feel free to reach out to me personally at melanie@minwo.co.

Melanie Akwule, MBA
Founder & CEO of MINWO



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