And We’re Live!

  • August 2015: the idea is formed
  • January 2016: we’re incorporated as an LLC
  • Summer 2016: we run our first market research study — we’ll come back to this
  • Fall 2016: we run our second market research study — again, hold onto this
  • February 2017: we “soft launch” our MVP 0 website
  • Summer 2017: we land our first set of clients (👋🏽👋🏽 JerkxJollof and Atlas+Faris)
  • Summer 2017: we begin designing and developing our MVP 1 website (what you see today)
  • Fall 2017: we land our first set of partners (👋🏽👋🏽 Part & Parcel and Writer’s Ink NYC)
  • November 2017: soft launch MVP 1 in time for AfroTech
  • April 2018: Launch MVP 1 of
  1. Engaging with customers to ensure their feedback is incorporated to your product/company strategy
  2. Iterating on concepts/features to test hypotheses and assumptions
  3. Dreaming big, but taking baby steps to get there
  1. Do people make it a point to buy from these companies currently
  2. If not, why do people not buy from these companies
  3. What kind of people would be the type to buy from these companies
  1. Presented two different products to the survey participant
  2. Asked participants to rank each products features based on need
  3. Asked for the participant’s willingness to pay for each product
  4. Assessed the participants likeliness to use the product if released in the market
MVP 0 Homepage — February 2017
MVP 1 Homepage — April 2018




Centralizing Black business development.

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Centralizing Black business development.

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